Tirth Trek

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Day 01 Bhuntar(1220Mts.) Rolla(2100Mts.) 4&1/2 Hrs. 68 kms. 60 Kms. By drive or 8 Kms. Walk
Day 02 Rolla (2100Mts.) Nada Medow(3300Mts.) 7 Hrs. 12Kms.
Day 03 Nanda Meadow(3300Mts.) Majhoni(3800Mts.) 5 Hrs. 12 Kms.
Day 04 Majhoni(3800Mts.) Tirath& Back to Majhoni 6 Hrs. 16 Kms.
Day 05 Majhoni(3800Mts.) Nada(3300Mts.) 4-5 Hrs. 12 Kms.
Day 06 Rest Day Nanda
Day 07 Nada(3300Mts.) Rolla(2100Mts.) 5 Hrs. 12 Kms.
Day 08 Rolla (2100Mts.) Delhi

Detailed Itinerary

Day1 Flight departs Delhi 06.50, arrive Bhuntar 08.05. Approx 1 ½ hours drive from Bhuntar Airport to Sai Ropa forest Rest House. Pretrek preparations and. approx. 1/2 hour drive from Sai Ropa (1200m) to Gushaini (1500m). The trek starts from Gushaini – a gentle 3 hour walk along the Tirthan River, through forests, past waterfalls to the first camp at Rolla (2100m). Rolla is just inside the boundary of the Great Himalayan National Park
Ropa (1500m) to Rolla (2100m): Walk through Ecozone of GHNP. Gentle gradient at the beginning of trek. Distance: 10 kms. Interactions with local villagers. Visit to hilltop shrine at Dingcha village.Distance:68 kms.

Day2 Rolla to Nada Meadow (3300m): Strenuous climb through oak and conifer forests. Visit a prominent ‘tree god’ and shrine near Chalocha (2450 m) from where the climb starts. Possible sightings of The Himalayan Tahr or Black Bear. Nada meadow is very good place for bird watching. Distance: 12 kms. Total 7 hour journey.

Day3 Nada Meadow to Majhoni (3800m): Steep descent through forests. Distance: 12 kms. This forest is home to the endangered king of the birds “the Western Tragopan” (In the villages close to GHNP, the local name of Western Tragopan is Jujurana. Juju means bird and rana means king, i.e. the king of the birds). There is a local legend that the “Lord” created this pheasant and all the birds in the universe donated a feather each to give it color and unparalleled beauty. The male is one of the world's most spectacular birds: black on the head, a deep crimson on face and mantle and orange on breast, the black belly and dark wings are spangled with star-like white specks. Though rare, with luck we might see them! Total time taken 5 hours.

Day4 Majhoni – Tirath –and back to Majhoni Moderate gradient leading high above tree-line into the vast meadow of Tirath is about 6 hours. Views of magnificent mountain panoramas and the opportunity to experience the holy pilgrimage destination sacred to the villagers of Tirthan valley. Here the trail ends and we continue the steep climb up wild meadows, streams and wildflowers.  Rock towers rise above the glaciers and a half dozen waterfalls ring our high camp in the emerald meadows of Saketi (4000m). Distance: 16 kms
(Extended Tour Option of moving to Saketi and climbing Yeshe Peak or Chakri Peak for the mountaineers if so the trek halts here for a three days to explore the wildlife and the surroundings. Opportunities for individuals to explore the highest reaches of the GHNP, climb, photograph,
Write, draw…. whatever!

Day5 Majhoni to Nada As we steeply rise above the Tirthan, its white water repeatedly crashing into boulders and creating small turquoise pools along its banks. The forest towers like a protective canopy, the pine, oak and deodar crowning together. The rhododendrons spill out of their pod, their bright flaming red robbing the shimmer off the silver oak. The footfalls get muffled by the lichen that has clawed over fallen leaves and pine needles it will take 4-5 hours for walking.

Day6 Rest day Nada
The overwhelming bigness and silence of the surrounds helps  spot an amazing array of birds without much effort — Tragopan, Koklash , Bulbuls, Laughing thrushes, White eyes, Flycatchers, Warblers and more. On the rest day one can explore the  amazingly virgin  trails surrounding the Nada Thatch , looping over boulders, padding softly through landslides, jumping over fallen trees, going uphill and downhill, cower under the alder, circle the poplar, tunnel under the willow all to find exotic shrubs and herbs such as Daphne, Desmodium, Indigofera, Soraria and Viburnum.

Day7 Nada to Rolla
Today is a long day and could be broken into two days. The forests are as deep with visions of the slatey-headed parakeets whoosh down the gorge waving their long yellow tails at trekkers. It’s also an occasion to walk down with fellow trekkers in the mist to see a rainbow dissolve in our souls. Some moments are better felt than seen, so be here.Distance:12 kms and time:5 hours.

Day8 Rolla huts and onwards to Ropa Trek ends o/n Bus to Delhi or Flight next day at 08.40 from Bhuntar, arrives Delhi 10.00

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