Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra

enquire nowA Sacred Himalayan Adventure Pilgrimage (Yatra) Following in the Footsteps of Alexander the Great To Shrikhand Mahadev and Beyond.


Uniqueness of this trek:

  • First outside group to travel these trails
  • We see almost no other westerners
  • Being part of a pilgrimage, rather than out on our own
  • Our approach:
  • Silence and celebration
  • Reverence and irreverence
  • Flexibility: We amend itinerary to accommodate early monsoons and avoid some of the pilgrimage crowd

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:  Arrive Delhi International, meet group at Colonel’s Retreat Bed & Breakfast, assign roommates for trip, send bags by land transportation, remain overnight

Day 2:  Arrive Delhi International, cabs to Delhi Domestic, barely make airplane, fly Air India to Kullu, breakfast with Sood family, outfit Conleys, lunch with Payson & Kamla Stevens, 7 hour bus ride to camp site at Jaun

Day 3:  Trek from Jaun to Shingarrh, take wrong trail, boys fall, hard climb up ~2600 feet, camp in Shingarrh deodar forest with 900 goats

Day 4:  Trek along stream, tea stop in tent village, camp at 12,000 feet

Day 5:  Steep rocky downhill, cross several snow washes, many waterfalls, establish base camp at Kunsha (12, 139 feet)

Day 6:  Rest at base camp, do laundry, glacier training with snow axes, prepare for summit trek

Day 7:  Trek with 1-to-1 guides to Shrikhand Mahadev (17,195 feet), up and down 4000 feet, 10 of 13 trekkers reach summit, blessing at mountaintop Hindu shrine, ~ 12 hour trek, joyful reunion at base camp, dinner in tents (directly to sleep, skip usual round-table discussion of experience)

Day 8:  4 hour up and down hike, camp at Kunsha (12, 139 feet), campfire, songfest by entire staff

Day 9:  Long hike (“two days’ hike in one”), reunite briefly with Dogface

Day 10:  First day of no “bom bom”, enjoy small towns, visit school children and temple, camp at idyllic meadow by stream, laundry and soccer, bond with trident/om necklaces

Day 11:  Hike over Bushleo Pass towards Kullu, camp on hill in woods, serenade by Max and Dick

Day 12:  Wake up in heavy rain, hike in light rain to Bathad (small town), short bus ride to Shimla Home Stay on river, first shower (share towels), dance, music, gift ceremony, bid farewell to mountain staff, dinner with beer and cake

Day 13:  7 hour bus ride to Shimla, meet Sanjeeva Pandey, stay at Hotel Holiday Home, take lift to Shimla Mall, massages & KFC/Pizza Hut, return to “civilization” by learning of Russian downing of Malaysian airliner

Day 14:  Heritage train Shimla-Kalka (rain leaking in, 6 hours, 28 stops), modern train Kalka-Delhi (4+ hours, 9 stops), overnight at Colonel’s Retreat at the Airport

Day 15:  Visit Hauz Khas village (lunch at Naivedyam Restaurant & shopping), shop at Dilli Haat Bazaar, many depart Delhi International

Day 16:  Remaining trekkers depart Delhi International

Dates and Prices

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