Darcha - Lamyuru ( via Shingola)

enquire nowIt is one of the popular treks, which leads to the Zanskar Valley. The trek takes one through the many Zanskar villages and various monasteries there in. A slow ascent up to the pass and then a steep descent to the Tsarap River brings one right into the heart of the Zanskar. The trail follows the river most of the way.

We will drive from New Delhi to the lush and exotic Kullu Valley crossing the Rohtang Pass to reach the start of the trek at Darcha. Towards the western end of the Himalayas a series of continuous mountain ridges, comprising scores of 6000m (20000 foot) peaks forms an effective barrier between the Indian provinces of Lahaul and Ladakh. Linking these contrasting mountainous regions is a Ladakh trekking route that provides one of the great challenges of the Indian Himalayan Treks

We head north across the Shingo La into the ancient kingdom of Zanskar which is famous for its hardy inhabitants and starkly beautiful landscape. On the way one can encounter a row of isolated villages and numerous wonderful Buddhist monasteries, notably at Phuktal, Lingshet and Lamayuru. As a finale to what is unquestionably one of the world's most classic Indian trekking experiences, one can also plan to explore the fascinating and legendary Ladakhi capital of Leh.


Day1. Drive from New Delhi to Nalagarh
Day 2. Drive from Nalagarh to Manali
Day 3. Drive from Manali to Darcha via Rohtang Pass
Day 4: Trail to camp at Palamo
Day 5: Trail to camp across Zanskar Sumdo
Day 6: Traverse the scree slopes to camp at Chuminakpo
Day 7: Descend Shingo La to camp at Lakong
Day 8: Continue to camp near Kargiakh village.
Day 9: Camp below Testa village.
Day 10: Cross the bridge to reach Purne.
Day 11: Excursion to Phuktal Gompa.
Day 12: Cross the village of Surle to camp at Ichar.
Day 13: Climb and descent to village of Raru.
Day 14: Trek from Mune to Padum.
Day 15. Drive from Padum to Kargil
Day 16. Drive from Kargil to Leh
Day 17. Buffer day in Leh
Day 18. Fly back to New Delhi

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:  New Delhi - Nalagarh ( 5-6hours)
Drive from New Delhi to Nalagarh and have a relaxing overnight-stay at a classic  heritage home ,Nalagarh Fort .

Day 2: Nalagarh to Manali(6-7 hrs)
Nalagarh  is situated at the heart of  the Himachal and is a central point for various worth-visiting destinations.. The highway is a drive through the capacious road which guides one to Manali in the valley of Kullu. Visit the local market and old temples in the evening.  Put up overnight in a hotel/lodge.

Day 3: Drive from Manali to Darcha , 2050 meters( 8 -9 hrs)
Drive from Manali to Roh
Drive through the road from Manali and reach the (3980M) Rohtang Pass which winds down into the Lahaul Valley. After leaving Keylong (3347 M), the road moves through extensive fields and occasional villages, along the river Bhaga. Camp can be set up a little before the village Darcha.

Day 4: Darcha -Palamo , 3350meters (5-6 hrs)
On this day, a small trail will lead us to Rarik and then we will reach back to Palamo campsite. We will have Over-night stay in the camp

Day 5: Palamo -Zanskar Sumdo , 3600 meters (5-6 hours)
We move across a glacial river and then move along a moderate trail to Zanskar Sumdo where we cross the river by pulley. We will Camp opposite to the river.
Day 6: Zanskar Sumdo-Chuminakpo , 4050 meters (6-7 hours)
 This is a steep climb for around 45 minutes and then chases a gentle trail to Ramjiak , 4290 meters. We will Continue following the scree hills to reach the base of Shingo La known as Chuminakpo. Overnight stay is in Camps.

Day 7: Chuminakpo-Lakong, 4470meters through Shingo La ,5100meters ( 6-7 hrs)
We will ascend up the Scree slope early in the morning and then descend towards the camp along the Lakong river.

Day 8: Lakong “Kargyak ,4050meters( 6-7 hrs)
 We will follow a trail that will lead us to the Gumburonjon , 5900 meters, an enormous rock face admired by the native people. We will then camp along Kargiakh village. Overnight stay is in Camps.

Day 09: Kargyak to Testa (3950m) 4-5 hrs
This is an easy trail crossing mani walls , moving past the small town of Kuru  followed by descend towards the camp near to Testa village. Overnight stay is in Camps.

Day 10: Testa to Purne, 3700 meters ( 4-5 hrs)
 We descend towards the stream  , climb moderately to Jal and then move down abruptly to cross a bridge to reach Purne. Overnight stay is in Camps.

Day 11: Purne-Phuktal Gompa-Purne (6-7 hrs)
The day starts with an Expedition to Phuktal Gompa , 3850 meters, enjoying the pectacu¬lar  and breathtaking views on the way. This monastery was founded in 12th century and is made in a cave. Reach back camp at Purne.

Day 12: Purne- Ichar ,3650meters  (2-3 hrs)
An easy walk to the small village of Kaydang which takes around 2 hours after crossing the river moving past the village of Surle and approaching the campsite at Ichar which is an interesting safeguarded village.Overnight stay is in Camps.

Day 13: Ichar- Mune ,3750 meters(5-6 hrs)
Gradual climb before we move down to the village following a beauteous path to Mune.  Overnight stay is in Camps.

Day 14: Mune- Padum ,3500 meters (5-6 hrs)
 We follow the main trail from Mune monastery to Bardan Monastery which will take around 2 hours. It is popular for its 180centimeters

From Mune monastery, we descend to the main trail. Arrive at Bardan monastery 2 hrs later. This monastery is famous for its 180cm worship wheel. Follow a sandy track till Padum. Overnight stay is in Rest House/camp.

Day 15: Padum-Kargil  drive ,2180meters (9-10 hrs)
We will drive back from Padum to Kargil. Overnight stay is in Hotel.
Day 16: Drive Kargil - Leh ,3500 meters( 7-8 hrs)
We will drive back from Kargil to Leh. Overnight stay is in Hotel.

Day 17: A relaxing day, in case of flight cancellations/ bad weather

Day 18: Flight from Leh to New Delhi
The last day we will fly back from Leh to New Delhi.

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